Dynamic Highlight

I want to know how to create dynamic highlight visualisation below the navigation page? Thank you

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Hi @manojkpaul1

It’s simply a line shape positioned below the navigation. Each of those are buttons that will take you to the next page, and on each page the formatting is set so the relevant button is highlighted and the line is positioned in the correct place.

I have the PBIX for that one, as I’ve used to use it a lot for design choices. I’m unsure if you can still download the challenge files so I’d be unsure about attaching it. @DavieJoe may be able to help you more as it’s his wonderful report! (I’m not sure how I feel about recognising that from just the nav bar :joy:)

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@jamie.bryan man, that’s a nice thing to read first thing on a Friday.

@manojkpaul1 As Jamie correctly said, it is simply bookmark/button driven navigation where you move to a new page and I move line object to underneath the relevant page/button. Really simple.

And it’s still the only report, other than Gustaw’s data viz challenges, that I publicly shared. I really need to change that haha

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