Duplication of Records When Using Sumx


Hi Sam,

I suspect it is something easy going on here most likely to do with relationships, but when using a simple dax formula as can be seen in the photo, what is it that is causing the duplication of each record as can also be seen in the photo.

Using Real Column Value

Dax Measure

Result Replacing Real Column Value With Dax Measure


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This issue is 100% relationship driven, but I can’t see exactly where the columns in the table are coming from in those tables.

Think hard about where the context is coming from within the table itself and then how the measure you have create will act based on that.

Also I don’t feel you actually need to use SUMX here. You could simply just use SUM (everythough there isn’t really any difference…I personally just keep it really simple when that’s all that’s required)


Hi sam,

I have two tables, a fact table and a lookup table. The primary key in the fact table is ticket number with a secondary key of service level agreement (a number 1 - 5). The primary key in the lookup table is the service level agreement number that has only 5 records (service level agreement 1 - 5). The relationship is based off this secondary key, is this not allowable?

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The problem from what I can tell is the relationship in combination with the measure.

When you get repeated results like you have in your example, this is always the problem.

I can’t tell where the columns come from in the table you showed. This is providing context for the measure, and something is not right with this.

Where are they in the tables?