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Double filtering & Context

Dear Enterprise DNA forum,
I would like your advice on the following extracted from a wider analysis.

Let say I am analysing project network data, from a scheduling software and comparing results for various updates.
The raw data is in one table and the have format/structure as below

• Activity ID – Does represent the unique identifier for each task in the project network;
• Project Ref – Does represent the various project updates (1,2, etc…); and
• Float – Does represent the float calculation extracted from the planning tool.

I do need to extract for each schedule update (project Ref) the activities that have float within a range
The float reference is the one of the last task of the network, let say the task with activity ID “A1100”, and should for each project compare with a range +/- 5 as below table

At this point for all the activities that have a float with the range defined by the min and max (different for each project) as above in the cross matrix I need to show the value as below snapshot
if some task have float value not within the range, for all projects, they will not been shown.

I attach here the PBIX file with the raw data and some of the analysis I tried to do, but I got the following result, that is not the desired one

Using a cross matrix defined as

And the “SelectedTF” DAX parameter defined as

In the PBIX file there are also other attempts to solve the problem, but I do think they are more far away from the solution, so I have not introduced them

Thanks in advance for your support


PBIX File: Test001.pbix (26.9 KB)

Hi @LucaB72,

See how this works for you.
After overwriting the Activity ID you have to bring back the Project context.

Here’s your sample file. Test001.pbix (29.9 KB)
I hope this is helpful

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Thanks spot on.

I would never though to bring back the context of the project by using the values function