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Does a page level filter override ALL in a measure?

Hi, I have a measure that is defined:

Sales YTD =
dimDate[Fiscal Year] = SELECTEDVALUE(dimDate[Fiscal Year]) &&
dimDate[TheDate] <= MAX(dimDate[TheDate]) )

However, when I add a page level filter that is one single date, my measure returns only values for that date - my line chart becomes a single dot! So does the page level filter override ALL? Is there a way around this?

@Jamie You will have to create a date table that is not connected to the model, and use the date from this disconnected table in slicers or filter pane.

Sales YTD =
VAR DisconnectedMaxDate =
    MAX ( DisconnecteddimDate[TheDate] )
        SUM ( factSales[Actual] ),
        FILTER (
            ALL ( dimDate ),
            dimDate[Fiscal Year] = SELECTEDVALUE ( dimDate[Fiscal Year] )
                && dimDate[TheDate] <= DisconnectedMaxDate

Brilliant, many thanks