Distributing Cost over Time based on Budget Assumptions

Hi there,

Feel like I’m missing something obvious. I have a table that would provide a budgeted value, frequency and start date. Something like:

|Item|Amount|Frequency|Start Date|
|Budget Item A|100|Weekly|1/01/2019|
|Budget Item B|200|Monthly|2/03/2019|
|Budget Item C|300|Quarterly|1/06/2019|

I would like to be able to use DAX to calculate the cost as it would fall into each financial period. So for example, if you drop the amount into a visual, we would see $100 appear every 7 days from 1/1/19, $200 appear on the 2nd of each month and so on.

I feel like this should involve a SUMX across a dates table + DATEADD but I can’t quite get it across the line. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.