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Distinct count ID by the last date change into the last school they got enrolled


I have a table that has ID, Application Status, University Name, Date updates, Current Grade. I am trying to do a distinct count of IDs that have been accepted at the latest date into the latest University. A person can get accepted into more than one university.

I have my current calculation as,




VALUES ( ‘Table’[ID] ),

LASTNONBLANK ( ‘Table’[Date], 0 )


’Table’[Application_Status] = "Accepted"


I am going to be showing the visual on a Matrix table with University names being on the rows, grade being on the column and the measure on the values. However, I am having trouble trying to get the latest university as the count in the calculation. Like the student is getting counted twice if he/she is accepted in two universities. Could you tell me what I might be doing incorrectly here?

Hi @supergallagher25

It will be helpful if you could share the sample pbix file also.

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My apologies, I figured it out right after I posted the question.