Display Week Dates


I am trying to display an invoice range for the previous week. For example, I have something already that shows the previous month. I use the following formula to produce this: Invoice Range = EDATE(TODAY(),-1).

I am trying to achieve the same thing but for a week.


I would want the above to read September 28th through October 3rd.

Any thoughts?

How about dateadd to go back 7 days?


Tried that just now and it won’t display the visualization. Any thoughts?

You’ll actually need to combine the data. As an example, to show date range on my reports, I use this measure:

Period = 
VAR StartDate = FIRSTDATE( 'Calendar'[Date] )
VAR EndDate = LASTDATE( 'Calendar'[Date] )
    StartDate & " - " & EndDate

and this is what it looks like on a card visual:

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That worked great. Thank you so much!

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glad I could help :slight_smile: