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Disabling Refresh for old files in the onedrive folder

Hi guys,
I am wondering if there is a way to disable certain files to stop refreshing in the model? I have a connection to a folder which gets new reports on a daily basis. What i would like to do is to stop refreshing the old ones every time we hit refresh on the pbi desktop. As it is getting a bit heavy. im also on a free version so cannot do incremental refresh. I’ve also tried to split the folders into two and then append into new query, dont think that is working either. Any tips would be really appreciated.

Thanks a million,

Hi @Jetuke_ES

You can use filter in power query to take the latest file only.

  1. Load the files
  2. Short by latest date
  3. Filter by keeping the first row
  4. You will have only one row with the latest file.

The best way I can think to handle this would be using dataflows - but since you mention using the free license option (not Pro) I don’t think dataflows are an option.

The other option is to limit the data that is coming into the model period - define a certain period of time that you want to include, and don’t bring in anything older than that limit. For example - I am connecting to a system that has sales going back to 2012, but we have determined that for 90% of our reports we only need 3 calendar years (so at most I have 47 months of data in my primary report at a time)

Good idea, but that way would only have 1 files data, but I need previous days as well. So this option doesnt really work for me. Thank you though.

Hi Heather,
Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, limited options for the free version.
I am now trying the Union option for the last years data and data up to august. The data for september is another connection. Seems to work well in terms of not refreshing the other connection after disabling but i still have data in the Union. Just not sure how it will work with other measures/ calculations and relationships. Im hopeful :slight_smile:

Hi @Jetuke_ES

You can keep the number of rows based on number of files you want to load i.e. if you have daily 1 file and you want to keep last one week data then keep 7 rows, if for 1 month then keep 30/31 rows , similarly for quarter and so on …

Thanks MK3010, that is the issue, that everytime you will hit refresh for one new file that was added, it will refresh all of them. even though there is no change to previous ones.

Hi @Jetuke_ES , did the response provided by @MK3010 help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

Hey there, sorry was on holidays and didn’t respond before. Its not set number of rows to be able to know what the cutoff is. UNION worked in a way. BUT, i have a date table and seem to have issues with DAX between the Union table and date table. Any advise?


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My apologies, I was on holidays and didn’t respond. I didn’t click “Solution” for that response, though it is a good one for certain situations.