Depreciation of Stock


Hi, i am wondering how i would go about calculated my expected depreciation of stock based on sales rate.

For example, if i have 20 units in stock and i expect to sell on average x amount (which changes) per month, how would i go about creating a formula which declines my stock from the current month.


I am currently in March with 20 stock.
January i expect to sell 3
February i expect to sell 5
March i expect to sell 2

therefore when placed in context of months i should see my estimated stock depreciation appear as
jan = 17, Feb = 12, March = 10… and so on for the year.

I can easily do this using 12 measures but thats ridiculous, i was wondering how you would do this using an iterating function?



Hi, check out one of the videos in the course concerning budgetting. A table (New Table) or (in Excel) could be used to apply the depreciation.


Yes Paul is correct here, using many of the budgeting type techniques should enable this type of analysis. The main thing you’re looking to solve is data at different granularities.

I want to run an inventory management member only training in the next few months…this would be a good example to use, with some others.

Here’s are some links

See how you go with some of these examples


Cheers Everyone Ill have a look


Would be really interesting to see a showcase for a comprehensive Inventory Management model. I studied the model and resources included in the training courses. Restocking costs were an interesting part in it. For a few projects I developed Excel analysis models in this context, also focusing on calculating the Economic Order Quantity. No time yet to reproduce this in Power BI.



Definitely, really want to start diving into more niche topics and models with some of the member only trainings coming up. More to come soon