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Demo Data - Banking Application

I notice there is data on Banking Application in excel but I could not find the file in Power BI. The question is that is this data has been developed in Power BI

Welcome to the forum. Just read a previous post regarding this topic. Please follow the link to Sam’s response.


I want to find the power bi file for the about data

Sorry, all that he provides is the Excel file, no PBIX attached. Everything in the Demo Data section of the site is datasets only, no PBIX files.


You can find this in the showcases module. It’s right next to the demo data one

Hello sir, I cannot find in the showcases module. I can find all the other PBIX files from the demo data in showcase except for Banking Application.

Thank you for your help.

Click on following link. There will be a zip file you can download.


I notice banking client is different from banking application. The two data are totally different.

Yes, I see that now. That is the only thing I see the the Showcase that is Banking related. I guess Sam would be the person to know if there is a PBIX file to go along with that data or not.


Thank you very much for your respond.

Dear Mr. Sam,

Could you please share with me the PBIX file for Banking Application data.


Sorry for the confusing but it looks like this data set does not have a showcase associated to it.

This is just an additional data set that was created so you can practice with some different data.

You’ll note that a lot of the columns are similar, so the techniques to use would all be the same as used in the below