Days Open Dax Calc

I’m creating a problem management process dashboard and wanted a DAX calc that could calculate the number of days a ticket was or has been open. See chart below: If a ticket has been closed it has a openedat value (opened date) and closedat value (closed date) I’ve created a new column using Days Open = DATEDIFF(Data[openedat],Data[closedat],DAY) this gives me a days open value. However, if the ticket hasnt been closed it has NO closedat value so I have added another column which has todays date to give me a value. Todays Date = TODAY()

I’m looking for a measure that can calculate if closed use “Days Open” value, if open use number of days between “Openedat” and “Todays Date”Problem

Thanks Team

You should be able to just use an if statement I would presume here.

Something like this

IF ( ISBLANK( Closedat ), TODAY() - Openedat, Closedat - Openedat )

Would this work?