Dax -Count of members based on 2 dates with OR operator

I have data which has customer data and if applicable, member data.
Member is determined by if they have a member # so I first counted how many total members by counting Members with member # count(Members(Member#)
Then there is a need to find out of these members which ones are ACTIVE
-active is enrolled in the last 3 months OR a purchase within the last 18 months

I wasn’t sure how to do this so my process began as creating 2 conditional columns
Enrolled in last 3 months= IF(EDATE(‘Members’[Enrollment Date], 3)>TODAY(),1,0)
Purchase within 18 months = if(EDATE(‘Members’[Purchase Date], 18)>TODAY(), 1,0)
then I couldn’t figure out how to get that in it’s own measure with the operator OR.

(maybe there is another way besides using these too)

Active Member= Out of total members, how many are enrolled in last 3 months OR purchased within 18 months
Can someone help with this DAX?
thanks in advance

Okay, so you definitely shouldn’t do this in a calculated column. That’s the first thing. Always look to use measures where ever you possibly can. It’s far more optimal to do so.

The second thing that sticks out to me here is that it’s not quite clear the context of your calculation. What that means is how are you going to visualise this in a report.

In any case here are some video tutorials which run through how to calculate similar type of calculations and I’m confident that they will give you the ideas that you need to get the solution here.

It’s also very important to make sure you have a date table and that your data model is set up in an optimised way. It’s not quite clear if you have this but I’m just presuming that you do.

He is also another tutorial I would have a look at which shows you a number of ideas you could use.

See how you go working through these.