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DAX comparing dates to return BLANK() based on condition

This is a continuation of my previoius post which I solved in Power Query with the help of the Community Forum.

I have a table that has Start Date and End Date of when an object is checked out. We are using a date slicer to filter the results by a date range which works using SWITCH, TRUE()… but… I want any dates that are not within the slicer range to return a blank date. Regardless of where I put

EndDate < MaxDate, BLANK()

It returns a blank for ALL the other scenarios regardless of the Start Date or End Date. I assume there is a text vs date data type issue but I am not sure how to solve it.

I’ve attached a redacted copy of the report with the table data in Excel.

Many thanks in advance!

Object Issuance.xlsx (76.0 KB) GROUP BY QUERY.pbix (209.7 KB)

Hi @mkaess - Can you please explain the requirement with some sample examples in an excel. I am not able to understand your requirement currently.

Ankit J

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