DAX Clean Up tool - now up on website....try it out!

Our DAX Clean Up tool is now live!


Try it out and let us know what you think.

More information and updates to come very soon.


Any thoughts from the community on our new tool?

I’m looking for what you think about it, and also how can it be improved. We’re still at version 1 with it.

We’re looking for this to be an invaluable tool for anyone writing DAX formulas.


I think it will be very helpful in having a tool like this, an excellent idea. Just one thing, it looks like there is a new line after every operator, which I think makes for too many new lines of code, but still helpful.

This pattern would be more readable to me:

Cumulative Results =
CALCULATE ([Actuals ('000)],
    FILTER ( ALL ( Dates ), Dates[Date] <= MAX ( Dates[Date] ) )

Too many lines in this pattern:

Cumulative Results =
       [Actuals  ( '000 )],
        FILTER (
            ALL ( Dates ),
            Dates[Date] <
                MAX ( Dates[Date] )

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Yep I agree on this, and we’re looking into this one asap.

I’ll update more on this when we have an alternative option for this formatting


One thing you can do in DAX Clean Up compared to the ‘other’ tool :grinning:

Is you can actually edit your formula within the app.

Say you don’t like exactly how it looks you can make small adjustments very quickly within the app itself.

I think this is an awesome addition


Hi Sam,

Question. Could you make the DAX Clean up tool and Knowledge-base accessible from within the Forum, just like Edna by placing it on the Header?


Yep, we are working on this right now! Updates should be on website by end of week.

All new tools and apps we are working on will be very visible soon.