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I am trying to calculate the difference between two dates using Datediff but only count working day. The workday Y/N is in the Date Table, the other two dates is between today and order date.
When I use Datediff(todayutc,orderdate, days), the formula works fine. However I only want to count workdays. Can I do this with the Datediff function? Negative days is also counting hence I cannot use betweendates function.



I thought we addressed this same question in the thread below last summer:

Here are some more videos and forum threads that also address this question in detail:

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Hello Elizabeth

DATEDIF may not be an option here.

I suggest you could create a calculated column in your fact table (see below an example computing the working days between order and delivery dates):

WorkingDays = 
        ALL( 'Date'[Date] ),
            WorkDays = NOT WEEKDAY( 'Date'[Date], 1 ) IN { 1, 7 }
            Criterion = 
                'Date'[Date] >= 'Sales'[Order Date] &&
                'Date'[Date] <= 'Sales'[Delivery Date]
            WorkDays &&

This calculation assumes the answer is between the Order Date and the Delivery Date (in your case, between the Order Date and today)

The measure does an average:
AVERAGE ( WorkingDays )

I attach and example below.

Example.pbix (511.4 KB)

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