Date sort order not holding

Has anybody else seen this??

Starting with the February update it seems that the sort order placed on either a Weekday or Month column in the Dates table won’t hold.

Each time I refresh the pbix file the sort order reverts to the default setting.


Hi Guy, Can’t say I’ve seen it or experiencing it. Checked a few models on my end and seems to be working. Have you seen chatter elsewhere around this?

Haven’t seen any chatter on this issue just seeing in my different models.

It’s frustrating, easily fixed but it takes some time.

I’m using the Date table you have supplied (love it).


That would be crazy if so. I’ll keep an eye out.

That’s what I thought. I’ve seen stranger things when MS updates something - fix A, B, C but break D

Thought Id’ toss it into this forum and if I’m an isolated case or if others are also experiencing it


Yes that’s true. There was a big colour issue on the last one I saw, but seems fixed now. Hopefully this isn’t also an issue. That would be a significant problem.

I think there was an issue with the first build of the February release. They have released an updated version.
It’s thrown out a few of my models too, and the new version doesn’t seem to ‘undo’ any of the unsorting.

Wow, incredible to miss that. But maybe I downloaded the updated version as can’t replicate on my side.

It would happen without the user doing anything at all! Apparently it had nothing to do with the ‘Mark as Date Table’ functionality that they added.
I noticed a few of my dates were sticking to a mm/dd/yyyy (American) format as well.

Now - where to find the newer version


If you download the February installer again, it should be the updated build.

I believe the broken version was 2.55.5010.581, but the latest version is 2.55.5010.641

Or, if you have Windows 10, you can get it from the Microsoft Store.

Thanx Chris


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Came in this morning was met with an “Update available in Power BI Desktop”

Once installed I’m now at the latest version that Chris mentioned. Will test today.

Thanx again to both Sam & Chris


Sorry I didn’t get back to this sooner but all is well with the February update


Had the same thing. With international dates but more just partial nonrecognition throwing sort order off. Would manually decompose with date logic and recreate in clean column. Crazy that its not an isolated issue.