Date filter using DAX

Hi there,

I’m hoping there is a simple way to create a date filter using DAX rather than editing the ‘filters’ section. I can easily do it in the filters section but would prefer not to have to edit the report frequently.

An example of what I’m trying to do is to filter dates to = dates before the first day of last month. Or even dates before today.

Is there a way to DAX these two filters? I tried this measure but it didn’t work:
measure = DATESBETWEEN( Dates[Date], FIRSTDATE( Dates[Date] ), TODAY() )



Hard to grasp what you are after, without an example.
Suggest you watch the Time Intelligence videos, that most likely will answer your question.





@Paul’s recommended video is an excellent one. Here’s another short one I think you’ll find very useful in addressing your particular problem.

  • Brian

Thanks guys, for pointing me in the direction. I was able to incorporate parts of that into my solution.