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Date Calendar Not picking measures for certain Year

Hi All,

Just wondering what is wrong with my date calendar not picking up measures.

I have created date calendar and link it up to an excel file. just a simple file however, when i drag measure to the date , it returns blank for year 2020.

I have search the different trend but did not see anything close to what i am looking for.

The file has historical data ( from 1990 to November 2020 ) and a total of 47k records.

i have checked all but would not see anywhere there are filters.

below is the date column in the file

below is the relationship i created

below , when i filter other years


when i select 2020 , it returns blank


but there are data in 2020


no filter is on.

what am i doing wrong, i have used different dates i found on the forum, same issues

Hi @alora101,

I’m sure this won’t be hard to solve once you’ve provided a sample PBIX


334 is number of records from Date table in 2020.

I think here the problem with Total Claims giving blank in 2020.

Check your relationship and Base Data…If the relation on Created date…
Filter on Created On 2020 and check Total Claims why it is giving blank.

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Hi Melissa,

I will try to extract only the date column.

The date column is the claims measure as I did count on created on column to give me the claims.

This date is created when a new claim has been triggered.

The data are high sensitive. I will come back to you.


Hi Rajesh

There are no filter on

If I use the created on date Column against the measure created, I get the expected claims

But once I use the date calendar, then 2020 is blank

Just wondering if it has to do with the historical data that was loaded into the model.

Thanks for this.

Hi @alora101,

You’ll find a link on “how to mask sensitive data” in post #4. It’s important to provide a sample PBIX that resembles your production file in structure not so much in data, so we can get to the underlying issue.


Hi @alora101, did the response provided by @Melissa help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

Hi ,

Thanks. I will mark is as solved.

Though I don’t know why is not working but discovered that when I connect directly to the dynamics , it works well.