Dataset update (one drive)

Hello my DNA friends
All my files and sources are in the one drive cloud.
In a couple of days, i will finish the reports designing to my client and i will have to learn how to automatically update my dataset. Both files are from SQL Server Database and MySQL database. That’s one question.
The second question is that i was thinking on building just one dataset and 2 pbi files with that dataset as a source. Right now i have one dataset for each file. Which way is a good and professional procedure and which one is better to set an automatic update?
Thanks a lot all of you
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Hi @pedroccamara.

This sounds like a pretty standard scenario, and if your client is using the Power BI Service, then it should be easy.

  • Create a single PBIX containing only your dataset (i.e., no visuals) using parameters for the server name and database name; upload it to the Power BI Service;
  • Create 2 separate PBIX files, 1 for each report containing only the visuals pertinent to that report, and use the dataset you just uploaded as a shared dataset; upload them to the Power BI Service;
  • In the Power BI Service, set the connection parameters and scheduled refresh frequency (max 8x/day Pro license, 48x/day Premium license, I think) to those of your client;

(My recent clients have not been using this sharing model, so please take my comments with a grain of salt; I’ve listed what my understanding of the preferred sharing model is, but there is a treasure trove of experience on the forum, and I’d be happy to have adjustments/verifications suggested by others with more recent experience [especially with Power BI having its capabilities enhanced so fast.)

If your client is not using the Power BI Service, then a more complete description of how they will be accessing and sharing your Power BI reports would be in order.

Hope this helps.


Hey @Greg
It’s funny…what you call as “pretty standard scenario” for me is one step ahead. I heard it just once 5 or 6 months ago and it makes lotta sense. I didn’t have the need to change it so far, but now i do and i will.
Still don’t know how to set those parameters to schedule but i will find out, and also, i just need 4 times a day. More than enough, i guess. And yes, my client has a power bi pro account. I’ve created one pro account in my domain, just to avoid problems of “not seeing the report”, you know.
Thank you so much for this Greg.
Best regards

Hi @pedroccamara. Glad it looks like its going to work out. There’s a wealth of forum posts, YouTube videos, and blogs about setting-up the Power BI Service … you should have no trouble finding references to help you with setting-up the gateway, the connection parameters, and the scheduled refresh frequencies.

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Sorry @Greg 1 more thing,
What are the rules for creating new measures? Do you have to do it on the main one, i mean the one that has all data sources or you can create in any pbi file with that dataset as the source?
And do i have to share also this main file with my client?

Hi @pedroccamara

You can do either, but I’d try creating all your measures in the dataset first and see if this meets all your reporting needs. If not, you may need to develop report-specific measures. I don’t quite get your last question, though: the measures must exist in the 3 PBIX files (one dataset, two reports) that get uploaded to the PBI Service, so …)


Both power BI reports are shared with my client. Now that i have change the source for each of them, to their power bi dataset, do i have to share this one also, the main one?

Yes, all 3 (1 dataset, 2 reports).

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Thank you so much @Greg