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Datamodel with multiple products in a salesorder

@sam.mckay Do you have an example or showcasevideo with a datamodel that is the same or similar with the following example:

A (online) store is selling jeans, shoes and t-shirts. A customer can buy all those products in 1 order so there will be 3 orderlines.

In the showcases I have found there is always 1 order with 1 product so always 1 orderline.

I hope you can help me.

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Hi @NickvanDijk ! Let’s imagine this scenario together. You will have :

  • A dimension for the products
  • A dimension for the customers
  • A calendar or date dimension
  • A dimension for the salesperson

Here’s an example :
Nick bought on the 1st of February 2021, 2 jeans, 3 t-shirts and one pair of shoes. The salesperson responsible of treating this transaction was Amira.
In the model, your fact sales will contain three orderlines :

CustomerID OrderID OrderItemID SalesPersonID Qtity Price OrderDate  TotalSales
1          100     1           10            2     100   01-02-2021 375
1          100     2           10            1     50    01-02-2021 375
1          100     3           10            1     125   01-02-2021 375

This tutorial can help you understand better the example you have : click here.

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Thank you for this help !!

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You are always welcome.