Data Visualization Workout 008 - Financial KPIs - line chart

Workout 008 – Financial KPIs - line chart
Difficulty rating: 3.5 out of 5

Intro note
This workout combines various visualization techniques. The most important part of the workout is practice - entries does not have to include every element or functionality to be still considered as great . Please pay attention to the list of functionalities (provided in the screenshoot and in published-to-web report), which includes ‘basic’ elements (1st-3th point), supplemental (4th-9th point) and extra (10th - 11th point). I would kindly recommend to review them before executing green/blue/orange points to provide proper plan and flow of your work.

A good starting point is to implement first three basic points, which is: adding all three KPIs into a single line chart (including additional elements such as titles and tooltips). Realizing further points (blue/orange) will provide additional technical practice.

Following workout bases on a ‘new’ datasets which are not used in the previous workouts

**Feel free to use your entries as a part of your project portfolio, if it’s instrumental in realizing your goals.

Additional notes

Regarding the column naming convention:
Column ‘Payable turnover’ - DPO (in days)
Column ‘Receivable turnover’ - DSO (in days)
Column ‘Inventory turnover’ - DIO (in days)


In this workout, using the supplied dataset and reviewing the provided interactive report (link below) we are going to replicate the following set of vizualizations (left section in a report screenshot), including the line chart, additional title section, slicers, text box (KPI description) and tooltips. Also, please feel free to add any extra visual if you would like to (provided that core visualizations are included in the first place).

008 - Workout - Financial KPIs - line chart.xlsx (15.7 KB)


Core actions (practice) :

    • Creating informative chart headers (various formatting options)
    • Enhancing visual look of chart when displaying multiple measures / metrics
    • Getting familiar with various chart formatting options (x-axis lines, markers, fx labels, series labels, secondardy y-axis, y-axis placement switch and others)
    • Applying dax functions to enable highlighting of given data points
    • Creating chart custom tooltips and “external” tooltips with additional information


Please load the supplied data (xls file) into a Power BI file, replicate visualizations (considerating list of points in the introductory report screenshot and the general design and functionality provided through interactive published-to-web report), and reply to this post including the screenshot (or a gif) of your solution along with the pbix file (please, include name or EDNA forum nick in the pbix name).


This workout is released on Monday May 15, 2023, and the author’s solution will be posted on Monday/Tuesday May 22nd/23rd May, 2023.

Additional materials

Link to the interactive dashboard:

KPI descriptions has been downloaded from the website:


Have a great fun!

Best regards!


Lets go again


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Another gem!


Here is my attempt I’m currently working on an HR dashboard, and I believe this idea will be incredibly useful. Thank you @Gustaw


Uff done :slight_smile:
I found a strange method. I feel a bit like cheating, but the result is … :slight_smile:

workout 008a.pbix (64.9 KB)


@renata_kulagowska, It looks really fantastic!
Which part seems to be a bit cheating here :smiley: ?
Awesome work, as always!


If it works, it works @renata_kulagowska :grinning:

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It is not one chart :scream:
but as @DavieJoe writes “If it works, it works” :grinning:


I’ve used plenty of workarounds in the past when either, Power BI didn’t have the functionality to do something yet, or I couldn’t build it in the most effective way yet.


Awesome work


So far stuck at this stage. I’m trying to format the tooltips and get the lines on the charts to match.
Thank you very much for this workout. Learned new tricks!
Workout 008_EDNA_AngelinaMihejenkova
Workout 008_EDNA_AngelinaMihejenkova.pbix (627.6 KB)


hurrah!! Solved without cheating ( means only one chart)
I was so close previously …

workout 008Dax.pbix (69.8 KB)


Woo, Bravo! I believe that even first solution was good (great workaround), but sincerely congratulate for taking this even step further!! Happy to see that! : )


Nice work @renata_kulagowska :clap: :clap: :clap:


I thought it was an easy workout… I was wrong: I found a lot of settings to be applied to the line chart and I learn a lot of new things !
Please find attached my entry.
I am not able to apply the bold on the selected KPI label and to set the background color of the metric column in the tooltip. Any suggestion ?
ciao !

Workout 008 - financial kpi line chart - Roberto Ravani OK.pbix (408.2 KB)


thx for help with “DPO,DSO,DIO” slicer :slight_smile:


I also got some inspirations from Angelina since I was stuck with Last value and PY value.
Thanks !


Hi Roberto,

I’m with you in this workout. When I did the line chart I thought the rest it would be a piece of cake. I was completely wrong! The tooltip with the color background blow my mind.
I didn’t finish the workout yet, but I found a solution for that color background. I will soon post my solution with the pbix.

I just realized that my problem with Last value and PY value, was a problem of granularity: I used a date table with daily granularity while the main table has a month granularity and I didn’t manage it.
If I may, I suggest you the Data Modeling workout 6 (Data Modeling Workout 06 - Many-to-Many Part II).

hi Alexandre !
looking forward to see it !