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Data Transformations & Modeling Course queries

Hi Sam
I have two queries:

  1. RE: Setting up Complex Models
    I am in “Setting up complext model” part of this course and am trying to follow your instruction to create a new table and type a column is 2016 Regional Budget.

2016 Regional Budget =
ADDCOLUMNS( VALUES( Regions[Country] ),
“2015 Results”, CALCULATE( SUM( Sales[Line Total l] ), FILTER( Dates, Dates[Year] = 2015 ) ) )

"There is an error message " DAX compaison operations do not support comparing value of type Text with values of type interger. Consider using the VALUE or FORMAT function to convert one of the values."

European Sales Organisation.pbix (273.3 KB)

When I saw you make the same error during the demonstration, you simply remove the Quotation mark “2015” to 2015 at the end of formula. The formula was fine and worked. However, I have been trying a number of times. It is still having the same error. I even tried to copy the answer and paste the answer. It does not work. The error message is still not going away.
Could you please advise me what I should do.

  1. I am not sure why this Data Transformations & modeling course is talking about most of Query Editor of Power Query. When I type a search “Power Query” in Find a product part of Dashboard, this is not as a part of Power Query course. Is there any reason why this course is not included Power Query section. When will Power Query masterclass #2 come on board?

Many thanks.

Hi @CindyC,

In your Dates table the field Year is a Text datatype.

So the correct way to write your DAX expression is:

2016 Regional Budget = 
    VALUES( Regions[Country] ),
    "2015 Results", 
            SUM( Sales[Line Total] ), 
            FILTER( Dates, Dates[Year] = "2015" ) 

However this won’t return any results because there are no lines in the Sales table that match 2015…
I hope this is helpful.

As for your second question I think @BrianJ might be able to look into that. I confirm that entering “Power Query” in the Learning Map doesn’t return all PQ courses available in the portal.
There are no plans for a Power Query masterclass #2 course instead you’ll find a brand new course called Applied Problem Solving with Power Query/M. I hope you’ll enjoy that :+1:

All the best.

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