Daily Budget Allotment


I wanted to check whether I’m doing the budget Allotment correct or not?
I wanted to check when I keep dates for 2018 or no dates in my filter the daily budget allotment is correct. But when I select any other month with 2018 dates my daily budget allocation changes.
Daily Budget Allotent is used as :

Budget Allotment = ( [Day Context] / [Days Year] * [Total Budget] )

If I select any other month the total allotment changes. I believe it should not change the total as the allotment would be in 2018 months only.

Please correct me if I’m doing anything wrong here.


Hello Ankit,

Check out Sam’s methodology for budget allocation. I am sure it will help.

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Hi @kkrj.ankit,

It seems that your calculation are right but only it is adding up on total as you highlighted in Yellow. As there is no date filter context on total, so it is aggregating all. I think the best solution is to hide [Budget Allotment] from total.

First you can create following measure to check if date filter is active or not.

ValidBudget =
ISFILTERED( ‘Date’[FullDateAlternateKey]) ||
ISFILTERED( ‘Date’[Month]) ||
ISFILTERED( ‘Date’[MonthNumberOfYear]))

Then you can do following.

[Forecasted Sales ] =
[Budget Allotment], BLANK()

Please let me know if this solution works or you have any other issue in calculation.