Customer Who purchased more than 1 product

I want to create a table with customer name and all the products purchased by them.
For Ex:
Harish Product 1 and Product 2.
The purchase date and year might be different.
Bascially a two column table with customer name and name of all the Products purchased by them.

That means harish purchased product 1 and Product 2

It can range upto n number of products


What is your data source?

Normally, you need to query the “product sales fact table” from your data source and ensure it has a customer dimension embedded in the fact data. For example,

Date Sold, Customer ID, Product Id, Qty, Amount.

You can then summarise the data in matrix table.

Post your model diagram for further assistance.

I have my data in the above mentioned manner only. Basically in a summarize table I want to concatenate the name of all the products sold to a particular customer.

Hi Shreya,

So if I understand you correctly your looking for something like this:

Power Query is most suitable for this type of transformation and I believe this video by ExcelIsFun explains it well.

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@melissa thanks a lot for providing the solution