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Customer Level Reporting

Hi. I would like to produce reports customer by customer, only allowing data from the specific customer to come in to the data set and then be emailed. I think the best way to do this would be to set up a subscription and RLS for each customer email address but my organisation does not have a Premium Environment. I thought maybe someone has done something with SQL or Python that might allow this.


we have chosen a select group of customers that I have created reports for, and the sales managers of those customers receive the email each week which they have set up Outlook forwarding rules for.

But if you’re wanting to do this for a LOT of customers, I don’t think that solution will work for you. In my case, the report was cloned for each of the select customers, filtered to their account via parameter settings, slightly customized as needed (primarily to add their name & colors), and then the email was set up for the salesperson.


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Thanks for the solution Heather.

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