Custom Visuals vs Standard Visuals


I use custom visuals every now and then, some are absolutely fabulous, others cause(d) issues.

I found that if you use many chicletslicers in your report, massive delays in refreshing the pages will occur.

A report in progress became slower and slower, eventually it took 9 seconds to build up a page. After some testing in Dax Studio, obviously assuming there was a mistake in a measure or so, I noticed that the chicletslicers started blank and then appeared one by one. After replacing them with the standard slicer, the report refreshes in a blink of the eye. Lesson learned.


Some good points there.

As you probably know I don’t use custom visuals that often. There’s so much variability in performance, because they are created by a whole range of companies most likely.

Many haven’t and can’t keep up with all the updates around Power BI, and then biggest one for me is the colors. Many don’t work with themes I have found. (Maybe this has improved recently, I’m haven’t extensively tested)

If they work for you then that’s great, but I always say great stories can be told without them so need to weigh up all the pros and cons