Custom themes, where are they saved?



I use custom themes, created as a json file and saved to a folder on my drive. After a while when I reopen the PBI model, I often wish to see which one of the themes I have used. However, I cannot find any reference to the location/filename?
Are these saved in a “hidden” location?



Very good point Paul,

I never really looked at this until now and also can’t really find out the name also.

One thing I do is name the file the same or close to the report name. I guess that’s why I haven’t really run into this problem myself?

MS really need to improve the themes. It’s been like this for way to long in my opinion.


Solution found on,
rename the extension of the pbi file to zip.
double click, open the Report folder, then StaticResources, then RegisteredResources, voila.
Quite intuitive.


Nice. Yes that’s right the zip does break things out.