Custom column to switch GL Code to GL Category Name

I am trying to build a P&L Report but my data table does not contain a column that identifies the entries in each P&L Category. How can create a column that converts the GL Code to it’s appropriate GL Category NameFINANCE DATASET SMALL VERSION.pbix (3.2 MB) :

  1. Current Assets = 1000-1999
  2. Long Term Assets = 2000-3999
  3. Current Liabilities = 4000-4999
  4. Non Current Liabilities = 5000-6999
  5. Equity = 7000-7999
  6. Revenue = 8000-8999
  7. Cost of Sales = 9000-9099
  8. Expenses = 9100-9999


The ever-versatile SWITCH( TRUE() ) construct works great here. Just be sure first to change your Account Code field from text to whole number in Power Query.

Here’s the DAX for a calculated column to do the translation from code to category name:

    GL Category = 

    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 1000, "Undefined",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 2000, "Current Assets",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 4000, "Long Term Assets",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 5000, "Current Liabilities",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 7000, "Non Current Liabilities",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 8000, "Equity",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 9000, "Revenue",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 9100, "Cost of Sales",
    'GL Accounts'[Account Code] < 10000, "Expenses",

Hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

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