Currency conversion measure is selecting month prior to current context

The measure below is selecting the month prior to the current context.

The Currency table has the last day of each month with the respective currency and conversion value on each row

The DELIVERY table has daily records.

The measure shown below is returning the conversion value for the respective currency for the month prior. Example would be that DELIVERY context is July, returned currency value is June

I tried some variants of the measure to no avail.

I even tried substituting he following but it didn’t work either


Likewise changing the operator from < to > returns the next month from the currency table.



Currency Conv = 
            Currency[Currency], DELIVERY[CURRENCY],
            Currency[Date], LASTDATE(
                    ALL( Currency[Date]), 
                Currency[Date] < DELIVERY[ACTUAL_DATE]

below is the Currency Table, The current context is June but the measure returns the currency values for May

Currency Table

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Try replacing line 10 in your measure with this:

If that doesn’t solve your problem, please post your PBIX, along with the result you want to see, so we can better provide a specific solution.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

@jprlimey Few things:

  1. You missed the table part in your measure.
  2. I wouldn’t use LASTDATE in a row context, it will trigger context transition.

As @BrianJ said we would need the file.

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Sorry I was pulled away on another project. I will need to create a sample file to post to aid in resolving this question.