Cumulative month by month selected

Hello all
I need your help on this measure.

Cumul Liquido = CALCULATE( [Líquido (Mvm)], FILTER( ALLSELECTED( ‘Tab Dates’), ‘Tab Dates’[Date] <= MAX( ‘Tab Dates’[Date] )))

My visual is a matrix by account number, no columns. The purpose is to have a measure for 2019 and another for 2020, and another 2 for the diff, abs and %.
I also have a filter by month. It’s suppose to show cumulative values for that month, i mean, if i select Mar, i will have the total for Jan, Feb and Mar.

This measure above works for a particular month but not for cumulative values till that specific month.
Can you help?
Thanks a lot

Hi @pedroccamara

There is a relationship between date table and Actual table, that’s why when you select Mar from slicer
you can see only for a particular month.

You can try disconnect table concept. Create one more Date table, no relationship with actual table,
Use Month slicer from Disconnect table and change the measure logic MAX( 'DisconnectTable[Date]).

Hello @pedroccamara .

Find the link below, I believe it can help you to arrive at the solution, since, I can see that you prefer to be indicated the way not given the solution.

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Hey @Gifted and @Rajesh
I’ve already seen this video and it’s not what i need.
Like i said in my post, i need a measure that gives me all the total till that month selected above. Like this:

I believe the measure should have something like this but with months i believe…

Cumul Liquido = CALCULATE( [Líquido (Mvm)],
FILTER( ALL( ‘Tab Dates’),
‘Tab Dates’[Date] <= MAX(‘Tab Dates’[Date]) &&
‘Tab Dates’[MonthS] <= MAX( ‘Tab Dates’[MonthS] )))

This one’s not working by the way…
Thank you very much

Guys, i’ve found the solution. I’m so sorry for wasting your time.

Cumul Liquido = CALCULATE( [Líquido (Mvm)],
ALLSELECTED( ‘Tab Dates’[MonthS]),
ISONORAFTER(‘Tab Dates’[MonthS], MAX(‘Tab Dates’[MonthS] ),DESC )))

and then

Cumul Liquido YTD =
TOTALYTD([Cumul Liquido], ‘Tab Dates’[Date])

Best regards