Cross Selling Show Case


Dear Sam

Thank you for cross-selling showcase it was very interesting, I tried to implement the same concept of the showcase but on the (orders scope), I created the following measures: Placed Orders, Orders With Both Products and Orders With Both Products

After Implementation, I have the following questions:

1-The results not displaying any amounts when selecting any Item from filter product, what is the error made in the Dax text?

2- To measure the degree of association between the products purchased (ordered) I created 3 measures called: Support, confidence and lift based on the following blog:

But also the calculation is not doing anything? why this happened ? and how could be solved if it is not correct?

Please check the Pbix file on this shared link:


Just give me some time to review this one, there’s a little bit to this and can probably be done in a slightly different way to the example.

It’s something I will need to find time to test a bit more.


Thank you so much for your care , appreciated.


Kindly Sam , I’ll be appreciated If I could get your help maximum by 15 May , THNX


The reason why there is no results in this particular example is because every order in the sales table is a unique number.

The answer are actually all zero. So the formula is correct, is just the way the data is setup it just calculates to zero (or blank).

Maybe this data set is just not the best one to use at this point.

Currently all the demo datasets have this sort of structure. If you updated one of the available ones with multiple transaction per order, then that would be a better way to test this technique.



Ok , I understand I refer back to the Sales table and I found the orders are Unique cuz I was thinking the Order has many Items which make the order to be duplicated in the sales table as a foreign key for the master (Orders).