Creating new rows based on dates



I want to plot events from start to end of their projected run period using a calendar based visual

The data is coming to me with three column Title / Start Date / End Date

I want to transform this so that for each Title I have a row of data for each date

Title StartDate EndDate
Event 1 18/08/18 20/08/18
Event 2 19/08/18 19/08/18
Event 3 19/08/18 20/08/18


Title RelevantDates
Event 1 18/08/18
Event 1 19/08/18
Event 1 20/08/18
Event 2 19/08/18
Event 3 19/08/18
Event 3 20/08/18

I am sure I have seen this but cannot find the correct example to help me out

Any pointers would be great



Sorry guys - I found exactly what I wanted and its a really neat trick so wanted to share with you…hopefully it helps someone else out as well



Nice one, like it