Creating Dr/Cr on the same column

I would like to create a Dax that basically allows me to show both income and expenditure on the same column. Currently, in the data, that column is called “amount”.

So, what I would like to do is to say that if the “Indexed Type” under the CoA table equals to “2. Expenses”, then the amount should be multiplied by minus 1 ( *-1) and otherwise it will be the amount itself. I am hoping that by doing so, I will be able to show the row values as either negative or positive, depending on the Indexed Type, i.e. whether they are income of expenditure.

Check out the Learning Summit Series May 2018 Financial Reporting Techniques video.



Yes check out these two workshops. Goes through this in detail

Thank you both. I got it fixed. Created a new table using Summarize and then used Related to pin in a couple of other columns. It all looks fab!