Creating Columns vs Measures


Just a general question on whether to create new columns in Fact Tables or create measures.

Am I correct in thinking that by creating columns it creates a single overhead at refresh time but would measures not potentially increase the “in line” processing overhead?

Could it be that under certain circumstances creating a column would be more advisable? Particularly where there may be a structure of “nested” measures?



Hi @PaulBoyes,

Calculated Columns will increase the file size and performance also stored in RAM. Measures do not consume RAM but CPU. They are benefits to each, depending on the use. Have a read here for more of an explanation.


I always look at calculated columns as a last resort. If something needs to be a column (e.g., you want to be able to slice on it), I try to do that in Power Query first, for the reasons @marcster_uk cites above. Personally, I also find it a bit disorienting going into PQ in my report development and not seeing all the relevant columns in a table (since calculated columns will not show up there).

  • Brian