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Creating a Data Culture Using Power BI with Brian Julius

Here’s our very first podcast episode where Sam McKay talks to Brian Julius on how to integrate data culture in one’s own organization. Brian is an Enterprise DNA expert who has a thriving career as a project management lead for Power Platforms in the public sector, where he uses data to improve government processes.

They discuss further how data culture can improve one’s organization and speed up its business decision-making processes, and how people can leverage data to perform their jobs well.

Tune in to Apple Podcast to listen to the whole episode.

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I’m really enjoying the podcasts in Spotify


Nice one Brian. Enjoyed it!

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Thanks so much for having me on the podcast. I really enjoyed it as well. Very much looking forward to hearing the others’ stories, experiences and ideas – both inside the Enterprise DNA community and externally.

  • Brian
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i love the podcast :slight_smile:

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