Creating a conditional column and some AND IF logic in Power BI


I’m thinking about creating a new column that would be populated with number based on the contents of several columns. However, I cannot find an option for this in the Add Conditional Column box. I tried using the Advanced Editor but I cannot find the syntax for this scenario. This is what I am trying to do:

If [COUNTRY] equals Kazakhstan AND IF [COMPANY] equals Alltel, then "1" 
Else If [COUNTRY] equals Kazakhstan AND IF [COMPANY] equals VIP, then "2" 

I hope someone can help me on this.


Try this.

if [Country] = “Kazakhstan” and [#"Company "]= “Alltel”
then 1 else if [Country] = “Kazakhstan” and [#"Company "] = “z” then 2
else 0



Another option here could be a simple calculated column. See here to learn more about there.

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