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Create Cumulative Totals, No Date, No Index - Advanced DAX Techniques in Power

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Excellent solution. How can you show the final cumulative total on a Card as opposed to the table format?


Wow, the timing on this question is incredible. Literally, I just did a 15 minute video on this topic early this afternoon entitled “Fixing Card Visual Results”. Is this a time critical request, since the video isn’t expected to publish until early the first week of March (this week’s video slate is already booked). If it is time critical, let me know and I can work through this w/ you in another way.


  • Brian


I solved the problem through Power Query - combined the information in two tables (inventory quantity on hand in one table with the average sale price from last year in another table). I then created a calculated column (quantity * ASP) to get an approximate retail value of inventory. We only have about 100 products so this is not a cumbersome technique - but it is not elegant.

I welcome reading about your solution at some point in the future.


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