Create a table using DAX with discount per invoice


Is there a way of filtering a table, when one of the columns contain text “discount”. There are many descriptions and the only distinct text is the word “discount”. I need a few of the columns in the table but only need rows where the one column contains “discount”

Starting point, is a table that list all invoices by line item, where one of those rows is the discount value.

I am trying to create a table, that list

  • invoice number,
    -invoice total and
    -discount total.

Using this table, I can calculate the % of the discount to the invoice value. Discount/Total invoice. then I will place this % in the invoice detail to then get item - Discount . End result to gain true selling price for each line item on a invoice.


I have no doubt this is possible but an image would certainly be helpful here to truly understand the setup of everything in your model.

A demo model of the scenario would be better for quicker assistance.

If you are trying to separate out certain text within a range of different subscriptions, you’ll want to create a new column that just has the word ‘discount’ extracted out. This way you can then just create simple filters inside of a CALCULATE function, rather than something complex looking through every row for specific information.

It seems to me the solution here probably lies in the query editor and getting your data more optimized first, making things easier with your calcs.



Can I e-mail you the PBIX file?


Unfortunately all support is completed in the forum.

I suggest setting up a demo of the scenario you are dealing with and then adding it here.