Create a slicer that will alway list


How do I create slicer that will list as per selection but will always list one record no matter what is selected in the slicer.

For example I have a dim table which is the slicer that has T1, T2 ,T3 and T4 records. When I select T1, both T1 and T4 populate. Another example, when I select in the slicer T2, both T2 and T4 will populate.

Not matter what is selected in the slicer, T4 will always display.

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HI @ElizabethTachjian

You can use the DAX formula


I cant find selectvalue function. Is it a table function

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I’m afraid to say but I don’t think this is possible in a slicer where you can have one value selected as by default and other one as a variable by writing any DAX. Because the thing is slicers don’t operate based on a DAX measure they operate on a column basis but that being said I don’t guess that is possible.

@MK3010, SELECTVALUE(Table[ColumnName]) will select/show only one value at a time.

Below is the article provided on the SELECTEDVALUE function for the reference.

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What about the slicer selecting two items at a time.

For example if I select T1 in the slicer , I can somehow get the slicer to list both T1 and T4.

Hello @ElizabethTachjian,

Either you can have the “Select All” option enabled in your slicer or you can have “Multi-Select” option enabled using the Ctrl key.

But you cannot have a DAX function for this and place it in a slicer as a condition.

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Hi @ElizabethTachjian

My apologies it should be SELECTEDVALUE. But will give only one value.

Hi @ElizabethTachjian

not sure if this might help but I discovered a new kind of slicer called “Chiclet”


it allows you to drag your filter dimension in and it will create a button for each variable.
I have used this for different things - such as:

  • displaying each buyer code - allowing the buyer to select their own (or multiple using ctrl)


OR - for an instance in the same report where i wanted a button that would show the users any product which had no current purchase orders. I used the chiclet and dragged my measure [count of POs] into the “filters on this visual” section. I then set it to “is 0”. That way it shows as effectively a button to filter the whole page to show any product with only 0 in the [count of POs] measure.


I have probably misunderstood your query - though this might be useful for you some other time, or for others.

best wishes


Hi @ElizabethTachjian, did the response provided by the contributors help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

Hi, I was working with the Adwise Gannt Chart Visual. At the end I duplicated the project table with project start and finish dates, added a Milestone type to table. That seem to work with the slicer without removing project timeline when I used the slicer to filter milestone. Thank you for your thoughts.