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Create a Launch Pad / Portal

Hi everyone,
Has anyone created a Power BI launch pad in the Power BI Service? I have been asked to create a launch pad, in which a user can click on a hyperlink to go to a specific App or click on a another link to access the report/dashboard directly. The point of this is to organize all Workspaces, Apps, and Reports much better than what is currently available in the service. I know that there will be some issues with some reports being across Apps / Workspaces. I would be great if we could customize Power BI Service at lot more. The ultimate goal would be to keep everything in Power BI Service and organize all reports within this portal, curating the intended users of report (organization) and what each report contains.

Below is an example of a SAP BI report portal. I am confident that Power BI can do much better.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


Hi @Silvio - If requirement is primarily to Navigate to other report from one report, then this shall be possible using Hyperlinks (URL).

Below documents provide information on how to create hyperliks in TextBox or Table visuals.

Ankit J


Hello @Silvio, just following up if the response from @Harsh help you solve your inquiry?

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Thanks for sharing those resources. They definitely helped in my development. The initial request that I received was a bit confusing all together since Power BI Apps should be used for sharing reports / dashboards. However, I do see the value in creating a front page in which reports / dashboards are listed and properly grouped based on company dept. / function for everyone to see. In addition, I will be providing a short report / dashboard description next to the titles with a hyperlink for easy navigation. I was curious if anyone else had received this type of request? If so, I would love to see some sample if possible…

Thx again.

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We’ve created an internal Wiki site which splits out the different Apps/Business Units…with a link to go direct to the App or another link which takes you further into the Wiki site to list out all the reports contained in that app (with an image of the front page of the report). From there you can either click on a link to go direct to the report or you can go to a page which details what the report is about, who the data owners are, project owner, business logic used in the report etc. The Wiki site also contains some short training videos to help new users log into the Power BI Service, how to use the filter pane, date filtering etc.

That’s exactly what I am trying to create and accomplish. What do you mean Wiki site?


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Apologies @Silvio in not making myself clear. We have created a SharePoint site which houses all the information, details about each report, links to each report.