Cool Use for Analyst Hub Portfolio Feature

Analyst Hub Users,

I’ve started using the Analyst Hub Portfolio feature not only to present my own work, such as data challenge entries, but also as a way of cataloguing and sharing videos I’ve found useful. Turns out it’s perfect for that – you can screen grab a PNG from the video, copy the YouTube title, description information and the URL and place them into the appropriate fields of the portfolio document template. Here’s an example:

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Marked as solved.

Nice one super idea. And we could turn this into an seperate app using the same configuration. Love it Brian

:+1: Even better. That would allow everyone to easily filter all the shared items just down to videos with a single click. Combine that with the suggested tag capability, and that would be a fantastic way to easily manage a large number of shared, liked videos, which I currently have no good way to do (presently use a kludgy mix of notepad notes, Skype chat histories, bookmarked forum posts and YouTube playlists…)

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Yep totally agree on this. Have got my mind going around what this could become. And hopefully not a huge lift from where we are already at.


OK - it’s a bit of a hack, but check this out - M code image with animated GIF showing the result, and then when you click on the link, it takes you to copyable TXT version of the code. Animated GIFs created in SnagIt work great in Portfolio…

Show the potential of linking docs across apps…

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@BrianJ that’s great. It’s a really creative way connecting from project to Dax. This will give more insight than just by looking into the DAX formula(s). I think a comprehensive library should have both the theoretical and practical demonstration for the user to completely understand the scenario. I love it :clap:

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Yep brilliant. Love this. Nice work

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