Controlling Slicer Behavior

@sam.mckay, @EnterpriseDNA,

I’ve noticed lately that there been a lot of questions on the forum about controlling slicer behavior (e.g., overriding slicers with DAX, dynamically adjusting slicer ranges based on other measures, controlling slicer syncing, etc.) and as I’ve delved into some of these, I found it’s a pretty rich, complex topic.

I think a lot of members (myself included) would benefit from a video dedicated to addressing this topic. Thanks very much for considering this request.

  • Brian

P.S. If you’d like, I’d be glad to compile a list of the recent forum posts relevant to this request.


Thanks Brian,

Will note this down.

I’m currently working on redoing the entire Mastering DAX course at the moment. It’s about an 11-12 hour course so is taking some time.

Then my plan next year is to update the rest and make the other module better including new ideas like the one you have mentioned here


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