Context Transition

Hi All

I am doing some work arond In-Memory Virtual Tables.
I am basically finding out the SUM "Total Sales where customer has sales greatet than LY.

I am trying to figure out at which part of my DAX function I need to add in more context to see what date, month, region, maybe even location the “Customer To Rewards” came from . The below when exported to excel to double check add up to 11.5M.

I know i need to add in Calculate, but confused if its at the start of end of SUMX.



Thanks in advance


I’m just really confused why are you even using the technique for this of a memory tables. By looking at your formulas you can just use simple measure branching.

All you need to do is break these out in two separate measures and then reference measures within measures.

To me this is over complicating something that doesn’t need to be over complicated.


I am aware of normally the best practice way - It was more so just trying to challenge my skills further.

Just saw one of your videos on Virtual Tables - based on that was just trying to challenge my skills more on thinking of more advanced and interesting ways of doing things using SUMX