Connecting to folder option

I am connecting to a folder to get my data in power bi.
Folder contains excel files.
Is there any issue if the no. of files in the folder to which i connect is around 1000.
Will the no.of files in the folder affect performance.

Hi @Anu

1000 Files should not be a problem in terms of accessing using Folder option. Performance will depend upon.

  1. Where is your Folder located i.e. Local, SharePoint or some other.
  2. What are the transformations required. Are you simply appending files after extraction and then performing on single Query or are you extracting and performing tranformations on individual files.
  3. What kind of transformations are applied after extraction.

Ankit Jain

Thanks Alot Ankit

Also, if possible try to import them as CSV files. CSV files will import faster than excel files.


Will it take more time if in sharepoint?

@Anu I have found local files process much faster than files on a cloud-like SharePoint or one drive. It would be easier enough for you to test.

CSV files leave less of a memory footprint than an excel file too. It should reduce your data file size too, again easier enough to test out with your data.

Good Luck!