Connecting to a folder

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I have a question regarding connecting to a folder to get my data in power bi / query. I have multiple excel files which are automatically saved in a folder. I will like to import the files from the folder without combining them together but so that they are separate in power bi/query.

Is this possible?


Give this a whirl. Avi is pretty good


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Thank you very much, I was able to use the solution along with the following you tube video to make the transformations.


Hello Forum:

I previously asked a question on a Dax calculation in the Financials Reporting in Power BI but that is solved. I mistook a measure named Expenses with a Variable with the same or similar name!

I do have a question specific to this course which I am appreciating tremendously.

In the scenario we are working with how do the sales transactions and expense data get updated on an ongoing basis? Or perhaps it’s weekly or monthly. I am wondering if you would set up the data in folders to be added to and refreshed or is the models intention to have tables append, etc.

This is a fantastic course and i’d like work with this technique but want to if there is anything in particular with keeping this model current with templates and all?

Thank you.

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