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Congratulations @Melissa!

We simply can’t ignore this milestone @Melissa.

Let us celebrate the dedication you’ve shown on the way to this achievement by awarding you a complimentary membership! You can grant this membership to anyone. Just DM us the details of the person you wish to give this to.

@Melissa not only are you active in answering in the forum, you also showed exemplary responses every time.

Let us also take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all our experts who graced us with your talents, commitment and passion on sharing your expertise.

Again, thank you for extending an extra mile to make this forum a community for collaboration, encouragement, feedback and knowledge.


Thank you for the kind words @EnterpriseDNA Team!

What makes a community great, is all those who participate! And we are blessed with a passionate group of Experts, Power Users and Members - I just feel lucky to be a part of it.