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Congratulations @BrianJ!

Another milestone to celebrate!

Congratulations to @BrianJ for being our newest Highflier.

Achieving 500 solved posts was extremely unbelievable and took a lot of effort and dedication. Kudos to you!

That is quite an achievement and calls for a celebration. We’d like to honor you with a complimentary membership to any one of your choosing. Just DM us the details of the person you wish to give this to.

@BrianJ, we understand that you wouldn’t have achieved this milestone without your generosity to impart your expertise and we are quite certain that this is just one of your MAJOR milestones here.

Again, heaps of thanks to all interns, users, and experts who continuously share their knowledge and skills in this forum. We appreciate all of you who go out of your way to create a community for positivity, collaboration, and knowledge in this forum.


Major Milestone.

Dear community,

My turn to recognize an incredible accomplishment by Enterprise DNA Expert @BrianJ, who today achieved 500 “solves” on this forum. Now even if you’ve been around just a little while on this forum there’s a good chance you’ve come across one of his many excellent posts.

I’m sure everyone who’s had contact with Brian can attest to his exceptional skill level and ability to provide amazing support (day and night :wink:). He’s one of the many people who make this forum such a special place.

Apologies, I don’t have better words to describe what an asset he is to our community. So I hope you’ll let him know in your replies.

Thank you!


Congratulations to @BrianJ for this! One other thing, I’ve always felt with Brian’s replies is that they are always delivered in a supportive & encouraging way, helps foster a great culture in here.


Congrats @BrianJ !! Thanks for sharing all your wisdom :slight_smile:


Congrats @BrianJ


Congrats @BrianJ, always a great source of support and encouragement in your responses and lessons to the forum!


Wow Brian, what a star! Crushing the eDNA forum

Lucky to have you as part of our community


Thanks to @Melissa for her wonderful message, and to all of you for your kind words. Participating on this forum is pure joy for me. Getting to know you all, and hopefully assisting you in a small way along your own Power BI journey is the best way I can think of to express my thanks for all the ways in which this fantastic community has greatly helped me, both personally and professionally.

Melissa’s message prompted me to go back through my post history to my first solution:

I remember spending an entire Saturday morning working on this solution, and then being super nervous about posting it. But after the thrill of seeing “This worked - thanks”, I was totally hooked, and seeing a similar message on #500 today gave me that exact same thrill:


So, thanks to all of you who make up this unique and wonderful community. See you back here at #1,000… :wink:

  • Brian

Congratz @BrianJ,

Thanks for sharing your brainpower with us. :muscle:


Congratulations @BrianJ I am only 20% there :smile:

Thanks for sharing your rich experience, analytics knowledge, and vocabulary

This is how you are for this community ( only fully clothed ):



Thanks! They always say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” :grinning:

Congrats on hitting the century mark. I learn something cool from almost every one of your solutions.

– Brian

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Congrats @BrianJ! You are a shining light for those in the DAX dark. :star:


I like that … DAX dark … :grinning:


Have to agree @BrianJ is a great man with a lot of time to help others!
cheers again @GarryA


Congratulation @BrianJ ! Thank you for all the great solutions !