Conditional formattting based on a text field

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I am keen to know if there is a way to do conditional formatting based on a text field. For example:
Good = Green
Fair = Yellow
Poor = Red

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Please check out this video by Sam

It is possible to use colour names in DAX for conditional formatting. You’ll have to create some logic using a SWITCH statement, like in this example.

Colour = 
 TestValue = "Good", "Geen"
 TestValue = "Fair", "Yellow"
 TestValue = "Poor", "Red"

And here’s an overview of colour names that are supported in Power BI:


To add to Melissa’s response. You can also add the Hex# instead of using the name of the color. Here is what her SWITCH statement would look like after you apply the Hex#:

Colour =
    TRUE (),
    TestValue = "Good", "#228c22",
    TestValue = "Fair", "#ffff00",
    TestValue = "Poor", "#cc2222",
    BLANK ()

Then you can go into conditional formatting and format by “Field Value”.

Here is another post with a similar topic that may be of help as well:


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Thank you so much Melissa. Very impressed with how quickly my very first forum post was replied to :smile:

You’re welcome Floyd

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@Floyd, Hi and welcome.

You can also use uni-code symbols direct in DAX too… ie. “:red_circle:” bad or “:large_blue_circle:” good.