Conditional counting

I have a spreadsheet with various date columns that tell when something happened, or didn’t. Quals Complete” column would be fed by BFS Vacancy Announcement report. If the “JOA Closed” date has passed “Today”, but there is no “Quals Complete” date noted, then it should be counted. The exception is when the “No Quals” box is checked or has a date. I want to have a column in a table that breaks this out per program office. But I don’t know how to do this “conditional counting”, for lack of better phrasing.

Thoughts?1018 vacancy draft.pbix (95.0 KB) Vacancy Announcement report sample 1.xlsx (140.9 KB)

@talk2gwhite Hey Mate ,
you can try this formula for your self .

Has one values function detail

Kindly add few more detail about context so i can guide you to write correct dax

or you can use hasonefilter function in place of hasonevalues .

it will give you the correct value as per your requirement .

Cheers Mate

Thanks for the support. I’m going to try it later today. What other details should I have included to make this easier to address?


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