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Comparing values of current period and prior period where the current period value is blank

I am doing a comparison and everything works except when the current value is blank for the CY but not blank for the PY.

Any thoughts?

Mat Usage Sum =

sumx(VALUES(‘All data new’[Component Material]),

CALCULATE(sumx(VALUES(‘All data new’[Component Description]),[YOY Component Diff])))

Hi There

If you have created measures for This Year and Last Year, then your variance measure (TY - LY) should show the difference even when you have blanks for this year (refer attached screenshot).

Also, might be worth sharing your pbix sample file or the logic you are using for YOY component Diff as the result of this column for the highlighted row shows -804 however, CY column is blank and PY column shows 590 so not sure how you are getting -804


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